Bee Control and Wasp Nest Removal in Austin, Texas

Removing bees and wasps can be tricky, which is why it is best left to the experts. At Absolute Pest Management, we make sure to practice the most advanced and safest methods of bee control and wasp nest removals. The key to removing a bee colony is to remove the bees as well as the honeycomb, then seal off the entrance to prevent the bees from returning. Wasp nests can be treated with a spray. The main difference is that wasp nests are allowed to remain up after the treatment, because it will continue to exterminate the wasps that return.

Our technicians are specialized in safely removing beehives and wasp nests, ensuring that your property remains bee and wasp free. If your home or business needs bee control services, contact Absolute Pest Management today!

What’s the Difference Between Wasps and Bees?

Bees are important to our ecosystem because they pollinate flowers and create honey; they are the only insects in the world that make food edible to humans. As important as bees are, they can also be incredibly pesky if their hives are located on your property. An established hive can house up to 50,000 bees. Bee stings are painful, and can cause serious allergic reactions in both children and adults.

Wasps are helpful to the environment because they perform their own kind of pest control by consuming many other insect pests. In fact, they are regularly deployed by those in the agriculture industry to protect crops. However, social wasps such as hornets and yellowjackets build colonies similar to beehives, which can pose a threat to you and your family. The major difference between bees and wasps is that wasps can sting repeatedly, whereas bees can only sting once. So while there may be less wasps in a nest, their stinging power is more or equal to that of bees. If you see a wasp nest outside of your home or business, call Austin’s professional wasp exterminators today!

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At Absolute Pest Management, our number one priority is your safety. Stinging insects situated near your home pose a threat any time you step outside your door. Don’t wait for the beehive or wasp nest to grow – get the problem under control as soon as possible. Contact the trusted staff at Absolute Pest today to get your free quote.

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