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Keeping Your Austin Home Bed Bug Free With Thermal Remediation

TEMP-AIR is offering a line of Thermal Remediation electric bed bug heat treatment for the sole purpose of getting rid of bed bugs that are resistant to insecticides. Although primarily designed for hotels, property management companies and universities, it has become one of the most effective treatments for residential infestations. It ranges from complete packages to stand-alone portable electric packages.

The optimal operating temperature for Thermal Remediation is anywhere from a low of 120F to a maximum of 135F. This is the right temperature to penetrate the bed bug harborages. Thermal Remediation is an effective, safe and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of bed bugs by using dry heat to kill an entire life cycle of bed bugs. There are three main keys to a successful treatment:

Heat application. The placement of the electric bed bug heaters are placed within the space. The introduction and recirculation of heated air is done to a temperature of no more than 135F.
Monitoring. Wireless sensors at a remote location are used to ensure that the temperatures are just high enough to eliminate the bed bugs but not too high to cause damage to property.
Move air. The air is circulated to the cracks and crevices all over the house to make sure that it reaches even the most remote of insects. This is done using high temperature fans.

We have put together several complete equipment packages – 115V and 460V options. Each of these contains heat treatment tools which are necessary for the fight against bed bugs.

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